Based on the concept of Web 3.0, Grapherex creates a modern secure crypto infrastructure with wide functionality.

Grapherex is the future of crypto financial services encompassing a secure communication, advanced crypto wallet, NFT, debit card, marketplace, and digital storage.

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Our principles

Easy to use

User friendly interface, simple registration, and intuitive app design for the most comfortable use.


Grapherex uses additional measures to protect the stored information on the user’s device, using database encryption.


Communications and advanced crypto features always at hand on the secure crypto super app.


Messages, calls and other transmitted data are protected by E2E encryption and stored only on the user's device.

Grapherex features

Secure messenger

Calls, chats, group chats as well as the ability to send crypto to the contact book without leaving the secure messenger.


Ecosystem members can create and monetize their own services, deploy node and support the stacking mechanism: Crypto loans & Defi, DAO voting, NFT minting.


Best prices, Deep liquidity, Quick withdrawal.

Crypto wallet

Advanced crypto wallet: Crypto / Fiat / NFT.

Debit card

Convenient Top-up methods and Debit card for payments and purchases.


NFT avatar, Exchange and sending NFT, Communication between NFT holders.