2022: Agility and Economic Cost: “Efficiency Is More Important Than the Blockchain Purity”

  • Crypto Guru
    January 30, 2022, 16:56

2021 was the year of the mass adoption of the cryptocurrency market. 2022 portends to be the year of big changes and the achievement of grandiose goals in the crypto space. Analysts make bold judgments on this issue. You will find some of them in this article.

The Unhurried Pace of Bitcoin in Reaching the $100,000 Rate

Unfulfilled forecasts about the price of BTC by the end of November 2021 (the estimated cost was supposed to reach $98,000) caused analysts to be more restrained when discussing the topic. However, one of the Twitter crypto analysts, “DecodeJar,” predicts not only the achievement of BTC price $100,000 but also its rise to $250,000 by the end of this year.

Of particular interest is a number of statements about the future of the cryptocurrency ecosystem by ExoAlpha Chief Investment Officer David Lifshitz. His opinion consists of the following conclusions:

  • Crypto will continue to exist in 2023 as governments benefit from cryptocurrencies taxation.
  • Banks and insurance companies will have to redevelop reliable business models. This is due to the development and growth of DeFi.
  • The growth of NFT will certainly decrease, which is inevitable after the price boom it is experiencing now;
  • The role of Metaverses at this stage is too exaggerated.

Another expert in the field of digital assets, the executive director of the ARK36 hedge fund, Loukas Lagoudis, also has a strong opinion on this matter. According to his forecasts, the cost-efficiency of the cryptocurrency market will continue to grow “thanks to the steady introduction of digital assets and their further integration into legacy financial systems.” Gold as a reserve asset has been relegated to the background.

What About Blockchain?

Experts have not bypassed blockchain technology development. The head of the asset management department at EXO ALPHA, Jean-Marc Bonnefous, believes that at the moment blockchains with a certain degree of centralization are in a winning position. Most of them are focused on performance and DApp development, while they have been characterized by decentralization and security orientation so far.

Such a compromise is promised to continue in 2022.

Final Thoughts

We can say that, although, on the whole, there is still wariness and uncertainty by experts when it comes to making forecasts, the role of cryptocurrency will not become less significant to the world market in 2022. The situation that has been created in the cryptocurrency market today cannot be called unambiguous. The volatility of cryptocurrencies is huge and requires deep analysis. However, analysts predict the cryptocurrency market to skyrocket. Most analysts believe Bitcoin will hit $100,000 before the second quarter of 2022. The expansion of the capabilities and applications of blockchain systems and their cost-efficiency will also continue.

Although the connection between the financial, virtual, and physical worlds is strengthening, our reality is still far from the mass immersion of the metaverses.