Emerging Tech That Is Going to Change the Way We Live

  • Crypto Guru
    April 1, 2021, 16:46

Industry 4.0 has passed its dawn and affects our daily life majorly. Automation has been a growing trend for several years already. Naturally, this trend introduces a technological component that is going to promote digitalization even further. We have made up a list of the top-4 emerging or developing technologies that will play a significant role in shaping the society of the future.


Blockchain is a decentralized and distributed digital ledger that consists of blocks. The blocks record transactions across several PCs, where one can’t be altered without altering the subsequent ones. Since users validate the blocks, they have much more control over digital assets.

Blockchain is rapidly developing: according to ResearchAndMarkets, its market will increase by almost 63% CARG within the next five years. It means a wider adoption of the technology, which can majorly affect the financial sector.

With the transfer of assets like securities, art, collectibles, and real estate onto the blockchain, the society of the future will have digital trading. Financial transactions will be faster, easier, and more secure. This is also likely to promote peer-based commerce and eliminate intermediaries whose interest increases the final cost of goods and services.

Cybersecurity Technologies

Digitalization comes with cybersecurity risks: users are vulnerable to cyberattacks, which increase in number every year – as does the demand for cybersecurity development. Analysts from Mordor Intelligence predict that the cybersecurity market will surpass $352 billion by 2026. It’s a $196 billion increase compared to 2020.

Advanced development of cybersecurity technologies decreases the risks that come together with digitalization. With enhanced security features, users can be safe when surfing the Internet or communicating via online services. The latter is especially vital, as people seek reliable and safe platforms where their data can’t be stolen. Grapherex, for example, achieves the goal via E2E: end-to-end encryption that provides secure communication via a high-end messenger app.


Artificial intelligence (AI) implies an intelligent machine. The software collects and analyzes data, performs specific actions based on the pre-coded algorithm. It can also adapt and learn with the help of Machine Learning (ML).

AI can be implemented in various fields, from healthcare to the financial sector. It’s used to automate processes, educate robots, and make better decisions based on the gathered data. It improves efficiency and, therefore, enhances the lifestyle. Artificial intelligence is likely to significantly shape the future. Statista claims that its market will rapidly grow and will reach $126 billion by 2025.

Super Apps

Super apps refer to software that combines the features of several apps into one. Today, Asia is already widely using such platforms. For example, WeChat is a Chinese social network and messenger, in which users can also plan holidays, buy goods, carry out financial transactions, and more.

The idea of a super app is to replace several applications with one, which drives more convenience for an end-user. While users will still enjoy traditional apps, such software will suffer from severe competition. Many developers may even go bankrupt.


It’s obvious that technology is changing our world now and will keep transforming it even more in the future. While it’s still impossible to predict the exact list of key changers, these four know-hows will definitely alter our lives for the better!