Safe Communication: a Basic Need for Every User

  • Crypto Guru
    April 16, 2021, 17:07

Communication with other people is a basic need for every person. Due to the rapid technological development, communication often takes place in online messengers. There are hundreds of them, but only the best apps can provide high-class privacy under all regulations and laws.

So, choosing a quality and secure messenger is the #1 task for the modern user who seeks full data safety. Fortunately, the problem has been solved by Grapherex — more details below.

Why Do You Need Secure Communication?

There are many reasons to look for a reliable messenger:

  1. Privacy, Because I Can. If a user wants to exchange photos with family and correspond with a loved one freely without fear of data leakage, then it is definitely worth downloading something more reliable than ordinary instant messengers.
  2. Business Dealings. Data integrity comes first for the security department. Many companies include a “business use of a particular messenger” clause in their corporate policies.
  3. Private Messaging for Journalists (Freedom of Speech) and Politicians. Indeed, politicians and journalists, most of all, need the safety of communications, as every word they say is a reason to bring charges.
    Besides, from time to time, the news reports that the power structures are trying to get access to the residents’ instant messenger correspondences. Whether this is true or not is still a question, but it is better to get a secure messenger in advance.

Messengers and Information Security

There are many different criteria for evaluating application security, but the most important thing is E2E encryption. It is a data transfer method in which only the users participating in the communication have access to the messages, as encryption and decryption processes occur without the server’s participation. Thus, its use completely eliminates the possibility of data leakage.

Grapherex: Convenience and Complete Data Protection in One

When it comes to security, one of the best messengers is Grapherex; this app uses E2E encryption in full. In addition to high safety, its main advantages include:

  • Simplicity — after downloading, the user will immediately understand the functionality and personal data management.
  • Reliability — the app is based on an excellently designed open-source protocol so that personal data isn’t used without the client’s knowledge.
  • A combination of a messenger and a cryptocurrency wallet — you don’t need to download anything extra; just select a currency and set a password.

Soon, extended functionality will be available in Grapherex — a peer-to-peer crypto exchange. Thanks to the new tool, the direct purchase and sale of cryptocurrency will occur without an intermediary’s participation.

Choosing a high-quality and secure messenger will significantly minimize the risks of personal data leakage. In addition, it is important to find a simple, convenient and functional one — all these requirements are met by the next generation messenger Grapherex!