The Importance of Data Protection & E2E Encryption

  • Crypto Guru
    April 7, 2021, 16:49

The loss and theft of data can happen due to a variety of causes. There may be technical problems with the data storage equipment or issues with the power supply. You might be a victim of cyber-attacks, and human errors are also a possibility; both can result in accidental data deletion. While businesses and individuals recognize the importance of good data security, it is still possible for the information to be stolen in other ways.

For example, many physical data sources are still stolen or lost, such as laptops, USB sticks, and external hard drives. Login codes and passwords are often intercepted so that malicious parties have easy access to your messenger. It also happens that personnel is responsible for stealing or reselling privacy-sensitive information. Data loss resulting from employees’ mistakes also occurs and can be overcome with a suitable data security policy. That is why it is imperative to protect information properly.

Ways to Secure Your Data

Data protection is essential because the consequences of a data breach can be enormous, including reputational damage, financial losses, and loss of sensitive data. The most common security measures include verifying provider certifications, creating back-ups, encrypting data, making sure you have strong and unique passwords on different devices, and sorting data. The best way to secure your data, however, is through E2E encryption because it ensures there are no threats of hacking or connecting other users. Let’s look into E2E encryption in more detail.

What Is E2E Encryption?

If you have WhatsApp on your smartphone, you have probably seen the term end-to-end encryption. The apps that use E2E promote the safest way of communicating online – privately and securely. However, not all messengers are made equal.

End-to-end encryption has one primary function: protecting privacy-sensitive data. This form of encryption is designed to prevent data from being read or secretly modified by anyone other than the sender and receiver. The sent messages are encrypted, and a third party has no means to decrypt them.

Third parties, therefore, have no use for this data because they can’t use and change it. Even if the data is handed over to the authorities, they cannot do anything with it simply because it is not possible to decipher it.

How Does Grapherex Use E2E Encryption?

With Grapherex, you can be sure of the security of your personal data because your correspondence and calls. With this encryption type, each client receives 100% of the transmitted data confidentially. Besides, Grapherex does not store user data on its servers: all personal data and information are stored on the user’s end device. It also doesn’t have access to users’ wallets, so with Grapherex, your crypto wallet becomes a full-fledged financial tool that is always at your fingertips, as is a most convenient and secure messenger.