Comparison of Grapherex Messenger with Other Popular Messengers (Signal, WhatsApp, Telegram)

  • Crypto Guru
    May 2, 2022, 12:42

The new Grapherex app aims to address three issues with messenger apps: safety, simplicity, and advanced functionality.

It is being developed as a multipurpose FinTech service, including a cryptocurrency peer-to-peer exchange and wallet. You can now securely store cryptocurrency in an app and transmit it to your contacts. This integration will make life easier for everybody.

Moreover, it is a communication tool that goes above and beyond what a standard messenger app can do. It ensures data integrity and protection by facilitating interactions between subscribers through a secure boundary.

With increasing concerns over the privacy of messaging platforms, this article aims to compare the top trending apps to see which ones protect your data while also offering seamless functionality:


Despite being the industry leader, WhatsApp is facing serious repercussions for its failure to protect user data.

While WhatsApp promises end-to-end encryption for personal chats, it has access to all of your data, from purchases to financial information, photos, content, and so forth. There are many loopholes in its policy that allow it to collect and use your data.

Moreover, it lost trust with users after its new policy, which stated that the app would collect data from chats interacting with business accounts. Users were asked to accept the terms and conditions or delete the app, thus infuriating millions of people – many of which deleted the app.


Signal has hit record-breaking downloads ever since WhatsApp’s security issues. Users value their privacy, and Signal has proved to protect it. It offers E2E encryption, which means that the data sent by one user can only be decrypted by the recipient.

An internet service provider (ISP), application service provider (ASP), hacker, or any other business or service cannot read or tamper with the message while it travels to its destination.

Moreover, Signal’s popularity owes to the fact that it is the closest to WhatsApp in terms of features and functionality, a major reason why many people are still using WhatsApp.


Many users that are deleting WhatsApp are opting for Telegram as the next best option. But what a lot of them may not know is that Telegram’s security is just as bad as WhatsApp.

All messages, including those exported from other platforms, are stored on Telegram’s cloud server. So even if you delete them on your end, they will stay on the cloud forever. However, unlike WhatsApp, the company does not promise end-to-end encryption, so you know what you’re getting into.


Grapherex has the same reference security as Signal but with the functionality of a FinTech application. In layman’s terms, the app developers do not share information, collect user data, or keep timestamps, IP addresses, or locations while you use the app.

In terms of functionality, Grapherex is a good choice for managing your crypto holdings without getting too involved in the details. Simply select a wallet currency (Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Ethereum, or Ripple) and create a password.

In the near future, crypto exchange will be added. Users will be able to send crypto to their connections without having to go through any additional steps. The crypto service will protect exchanged cash and provide users with the level of anonymity they desire.

Our Verdict

If you want an all-in-one solution, Grapherex is your best bet. It offers great functionality and top-notch security. Plus, the developers are coming up with a lot of additional features for its crypto wallet, which is a huge bonus for crypto investors.