Grapherex 3 in 1: Security, Convenience, Multi-Functionality

  • Crypto Guru
    July 23, 2021, 9:53

Welcome to the world of the future with Grapherex – a secure messenger, cryptocurrency wallet, and crypto exchange in one app.

Since more Internet users are concerned about their personal data safety, Grapherex considers this demand a matter of vital importance and takes it to a whole new level with E2E encryption technology.

Grapherex, a next-generation mobile app, makes sure sensitive information like credit card numbers and contact details are safe and can only be accessed by its direct owner.

Our Mission

Private communication is more effective and accessible when users can secure their data without being deprived of main messenger functions.

Grapherex is a secure multifunctional platform that guarantees safe communication between users and enables instant sending of cryptocurrency to any chat participant from your contact list or to any wallet’s address with one swipe. Grapherex will also soon facilitate cryptocurrency exchange within the app itself.

The interface is laid out only with the essential elements to avoid overcrowding of the screen, and the app’s menu is easy to navigate through.
Grapherex supports an open-source privacy technology to secure all means of communication and protects transactions in your wallet with E2E encryption.

What Are the Benefits of E2E Encryption?

End-to-end (E2E) encryption is a system of communication where only the communicating users can exchange and read the messages.

Grapherex doesn’t store user data on cloud servers and doesn’t have access to users’ digital wallets; all personal data and information, including financial details, are maintained on end users’ devices and are not recorded in any way. Send cryptocurrency to your contacts right via encrypted chats.

Grapherex’s usable and secure crypto messenger turns your crypto wallet into a full-fledged financial tool, the convenient format of which makes it always available within arm’s reach.

So, what are Grapherex’s main distinctive features that make it stand out from numerous solutions swamping the app stores?

  1. Security.
  2. User-friendly interface.
  3. Advanced functionality.

Our Core Values. For Who We Are

Who can profit from using the app:

  • Any modern person who wants to keep their personal data safe. Your calls, video calls, and messages are encrypted and protected.
  • Users who possess cryptocurrency of any kind (Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, etc.) and need their wallets to be mobile, easy-to-use, and secure.
  • Users who are involved in multiple international projects with numerous employees (IT specialists, marketers, designers, etc.) and counterparties that use cryptocurrency as the main means of payment for their services.
  • Users of cryptocurrency exchange services.

Besides providing customers with a convenient, user-friendly interface accompanied with the top-notch design, Grapherex mobile software combines two leading solutions:

  1. Safely encrypted messenger. The secure messenger is based on a carefully designed, open-source protocol (Signal) known for its immaculate secrecy feature. Grapherex doesn’t share information or collect critical user data, such as IP addresses or geolocation.
  2. Secure crypto wallet. Grapherex is a perfect option for people who want to manage their crypto assets without getting too deep into complicated parts of the process. All that is required is to choose the wallet currency and set a password.

Stay tuned for the latest cryptocurrency news, high-tech financial solutions, and Grapherex app updates!