Grapherex: a Secure Messenger, E-Wallet, and Crypto Exchange. All in One App

  • Crypto Guru
    November 20, 2021, 15:07

At Grapherex, we believe that private communication should be simpler and more effective for everyone. Grapherex is a multifunctional app: safely intercommunicate and transfer cryptocurrency with one swipe to someone from your smartphone’s contact list or to an e-wallet address of choice. Another amazing feature: Grapherex will soon add the possibility of exchanging cryptocurrency within the app to make your everyday experience even more convenient.

In Grapherex, all correspondence, calls, and cryptocurrency transfers are protected by E2E encryption. Our open-source privacy technology enables secure global communication and protects your wallet with E2E encryption. Because the algorithm source code is open, the community can react much faster and more efficiently to any vulnerabilities found.

E2E Encryption. What’s That About?

End-to-End (E2E) encryption is the safest way to communicate privately and securely online. It involves the encryption of messages on one device so that only the device of the receiver can decrypt them. A message is encrypted on the sender’s device. It is then sent in an unreadable format to the recipient’s device, which then decrypts it. Grapherex does not store user data on its servers; all personal data and information is kept on the user’s terminal device. Grapherex also does not have access to users’ wallets.

Why Grapherex Uses E2E Encryption

End-to-End encryption has one primary function: protecting your private data. Encryption is intended to prevent data from being read or secretly modified (in case of transactions) by anyone other than the sender or receiver. The recipients of the messages retrieve the encrypted data and decrypt it themselves.

Third parties, therefore, have no use for this data because they cannot implement and change it. If the information is handed over to the government, it cannot do anything with it simply because it won’t decipher it. With Grapherex, your crypto wallet becomes a completely secure financial instrument that is always at your fingertips in the most convenient and secure crypto messenger.

Why Is the Grapherex App Valuable for You?

Our target audience is any modern person who cares about the security of their personal data. These are users who own cryptocurrency and want a more mobile, convenient, and secure wallet. Perhaps you are involved in international projects with many employees and counterparties in different countries who use cryptocurrency as a means of payment for work: IT specialists, marketers, designers, etc. It’s also possible that you’re a user of cryptocurrency exchange services.

Whatever you do and wherever you are, you will enjoy our user-friendly design and convenience because Grapherex is an intuitive, understandable app.