Grapherex: Secure, Convenient, Multi-Functional

  • Crypto Guru
    May 17, 2022, 8:42

Grapherex is a new app designed to solve three distinct problems with online messaging apps.

Personal data safety is of the utmost importance in the age of the Internet. Even if you don’t mind letting anyone online know your birthday or favorite color, some things should not be disclosed – like your real location, contact info, and credit card number.

Grapherex takes these considerations and resolves them in a next-generation mobile application.

What Is Grapherex?

Grapherex is a communication platform that goes beyond what your typical messenger has to offer. It facilitates interactions between system subscribers through a secure perimeter, thus ensuring data integrity and protection. But it doesn’t stop there.

Grapherex is also developed as a multi-purpose FinTech service – a crypto exchange and wallet. Now you can store crypto in an app and send it to your contacts seamlessly. This integration can definitely make your life easier.

How This Crypto Solution Benefits the User

The service delivers messages while keeping itself out of the loop. Hence, it doesn’t collect or store data. Your location, message content, and recipient, as well as any usage statistics, will not be recorded in any way.

At the surface level, everything is unbelievably simple. The interface is laid out with only essential elements in mind, without overcrowding your screen. Even if you haven’t used the app before, you’ll become familiar with the navigation system in a matter of seconds.

But as you dig deeper, you’ll realise how much this app manages to bring together. So, what sets Grapherex apart from numerous apps swamping the market?

  • Safety
  • Simplicity
  • Advanced functionality

Looking at these benefits, we can safely say that Grapherex is the future of secure communication.

There are several valuable characteristics the platform has such as its ability to send encrypted messages with enhanced security that doesn’t disrupt the app’s performance and secure crypto wallet with the opportunity to send crypto currency to your contacts.

Grapherex Functionality

The mobile app serves two main functions:

  • Private encrypted messenger
  • Secure crypto wallet

These features are nested within one application, so you don’t need to use third-party services to communicate or store/send crypto.

Messenger. Grapherex is based on the Signal protocol, a well-designed, open-source protocol known for its perfect forward secrecy feature. When you use the app, rest assured that we do not share information, collect user data, or store timestamps, IP addresses, or location.

Wallet. Grapherex is a solid option for managing your crypto assets without getting into the nitty-gritty parts of the process. All you need is to choose the wallet currency (Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Ethereum or Ripple) and create a password.

Exchange will be added in the nearest future. Users will be able exchange crypto with their contacts with no extra steps. The crypto service will guard exchanged funds, offering users the high level of privacy they’d want to maintain.

Stay tuned for our future updates – we always have something exciting in the works. And enjoy the Grapherex app!