Messenger Grapherex Functions

  • Crypto Guru
    October 1, 2021, 14:03

In the modern world, every client appreciates time-saving. Thanks to the next-gen messenger, Grapherex, it is quite possible to combine a communication method, an electronic wallet, and even a cryptocurrency exchange in one app. And such nuances are all the more relevant if you work remotely. Are you ready for some new information? Then, let’s go!

Messenger for Remote Employees

Not so long ago, most companies switched to remote working mode due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The issue of the convenience and safety of internal communication has become even more acute. That is why recently, many employees have learned about the convenient messenger Grapherex.

Features of the app:

  1. Security of corporate information. The application systems use E2E encryption, which ultimately prevents data leakage or incorrect message sending.
  2. Ease of sending work files. The intuitive interface allows you to combine business correspondence and the exchange of documents without switching to e-mail.
  3. Safe device for meetings. There are no threats of hacking or connecting other users, so each client receives 100% of the transmitted data’s confidentiality.

Besides, the application allows you to manage your finances in cryptocurrency freely. You can send a payment with one click to any person in your contacts. But these aren’t all the benefits, so Grapherex is worth discussing in more detail.

Payment in Bitcoins: the Advantages of Grapherex

Digital money is successfully ridding us of banks, regulators, and fees. It is well-known that businesses are interested in crypto — they are looking for safer and more efficient ways to pay employees. Luckily, nowadays, most traditional companies already accept digital money as payment.
The main advantages of using cryptocurrency in the secure messenger Grapherex are:

  1. Substantial savings on commissions
    Grapherex does not charge a transaction fee. The user pays only a network fee, which can vary depending on time.
  2. Verification of every operation is not required. Thus, the bank’s services are no longer needed because the money is kept at the client’s app but not in any institution.
  3. The speed of operations.The cryptocurrency does not need intermediaries, so all actions are performed almost instantly.
  4. Stable sales growth. Thanks to the decentralization of cryptocurrency, it is easy to expand your business. Acceptance of payments from different parts of the world will increase the audience and demand for your products.

It is also worth highlighting the complete safety of currency storing in the secure crypto wallet. Even if the private key is stored in the cloud, there are means to protect and manage this key. They include:

  • Storing the crypto key in a crypto container, protected by a local password (transfer of funds is impossible without the client’s confirmation);
  • Being able to change the password (re-encryption of the private key).

Download Grapherex for a Convenient Solution

The employees themselves will finally get rid of the need to download the messenger, the electronic wallet, and mail for file exchange. All possibilities are collected in one place — and this is Grapherex!

Stay tuned for our future updates – we always have something exciting in the works. And enjoy the Grapherex app!