Super Apps – The Future of Mobile Apps

  • Crypto Guru
    January 19, 2024, 12:05

What Is a «Super App»?

Usually, a Super App is launched as a stand-alone application like, for example, a messenger, mobile banking app, or another service. Then, new services are gradually added to the application, increasing the usefulness for the consumer.

Consumer confidence and loyalty will grow when the super app integrates more and more services. As a result, users do not waste time searching for third-party services; instead, they get everything they need, in one application.

Super Apps can be considered a relatively new trend for the Western part of the world, while there are already millions of people using Super Apps in Asia. The most popular apps are WeChat and Alibaba (China), Grab (Singapore), GoJak (Indonesia), and Kakaotalk (South Korea).

The evolution of consumer preferences is also driving the switch to Super Apps in Europe and the U.S. Instead of having multiple apps for ordering food, reserving a taxi, or making payments, users can install only one app.

Super-applications have become a part of the daily life of users because of their versatility. It is not unusual for a WeChat user in China to make an appointment, get a reservation, buy tickets, order a taxi, or pay for all transactions with one app.

Most large Super Apps have already entered into partnerships with banking units. WeChat has WePay for payments and WeBank for banking products, while Alibaba has AliPay and Ant Financial. By using brand reputation, Super Apps are reaching new customers and building trust in their financial services.

Super Apps like Go-Jek and Grab offer a range of services, from food delivery to medical consultations, thus creating competition between apps for the consumer.

Secure Messenger, Cryptocurrency Wallet, and Exchange in One Powerful App

As it was mentioned before, there is a clear trend in the demand for financial services in instant messengers, whether it is currency exchange between users, the availability of payment services in the app, the ability to connect Shops, communication between a buyer and a seller, billing via chat, etc.

Grapherex’s mission is to reduce the number of applications installed on smartphones and organize all the necessary services in one interface. This will make user’s lives easier as boundaries are blurred in many aspects of the current consumer’s lifestyle.

Moreover, Super Apps have already begun to compete with banks in some financial aspects. Modern users would rather use a wide range of services through a usable application, as they are interested in quick and more functional digital tools and services, such as mobile wallets, convenient purchases of various goods, ordering services, platforms for secure communication, and a customer-oriented approach.

It is clear that we first have to win the trust of users, especially in the sphere of financial services. The Grapherex infrastructure has already had a wide range of functionality that turns our secure messenger into a Super App that can compete with the best applications on the market.

Stay tuned for updates, and we will do everything for your convenience and safety.