What is Grapherex?

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    April 20, 2022, 4:02
  • What is Grapherex?
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What is Grapherex?

Grapherex is crypto-financial super app based on a secure crypto infrastructure with wide functionality. Crypto wallet, secure messenger, debit card, payments, NFT in one secure app.

Grapherex is an open-source project. Anyone can get access to the code to study, test and debug the functionality. We use only proven and reliable encryption technologies and algorithms. You can check it out personally.


Private encrypted messenger. Focus on the important and take advantage of the app usability. Send texts, audio messages, multimedia, files, make video calls and use financial tools directly via chat 1:1 and with groups. You enjoy quick and easy communication while we take care of everything by making sure your data is secure.

Secure multi-currency wallet. Exchange cryptocurrencies in a secure app. Deep liquidity, best rates, quick deposit and withdrawals. It’s profitable, simple, fast and safe.

Convenient Crypto Exchange. Exchange cryptocurrencies in a secure app. Best rates, deep liquidity, quick deposit and withdrawals. Profitable, simple, fast and safe.

NFT collections. Store, transfer, exchange, buy or sell NFT collections directly in a wallet.