A Privacy-First

The modern messenger with end-to-end encryption based on an open source protocol. Nobody will read your messages. Privacy is first for all messages, calls and crypto payments in a chat.

A Privacy-First Messenger A Privacy-First Messenger
Messenger features Messenger features

Messenger features

Encrypted calls, chats, group chats.
Send all your files, images, and attachments through a network that takes your privacy seriously. Send crypto to your contacts in a secret chat.

Send payments

Crypto wallet integration allows you to send crypto payments directly to chat or contacts. No need to enter a wallet address, no need to go to a third-party application. It's fast, safe and convenient.

Send payments Send payments
P2P Messaging P2P Messaging


Grapherex it's a modern SuperApp combine all features for your everyday needs. Everyday we make calls, chat, send money, make purchases. Now you can do it in a one secure and functional app.


Increased privacy with end-to-end encryption (e2ee) on all of your private messages by default. Nobody other than you and your intended recipient can view your messages – not even us.

End-to-End Encryption End-to-End Encryption