A Privacy-First

The most modern messenger with end-to-end encryption based on an open source protocol. Nobody will read your messages. Privacy is first for all messages and calls.

A Privacy-First Messenger A Privacy-First Messenger
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Group chats
Talk to your friends or talk to the world. You decide. Closed groups let you talk to up to 100 friends at once, with the same encrypted protections as one-on-one chats. Got a bigger crowd? Use an open group to connect with as many people as you want.

Voice messages
Sometimes, a text just isn’t enough. Voice messages let you send something a little more personal, so nothing gets lost in translation.

Don’t leak those docs. Send all your files, images, and attachments through a network that takes your privacy seriously.

Send payments

Integrated with the crypto wallet enables anyone, anywhere to send global payments directly in a chat or to contacts.

Send payments Send payments
P2P Messaging P2P Messaging


Grapherex removes centralized choke points from your messages for greater privacy and security. Levering a peer-to-peer network instead of centralized servers for the routing of messages, your communication is yours and yours alone.


Increased privacy with end-to-end encryption (e2ee) on all of your private messages by default. Nobody other than you and your intended recipient can view your messages – not even us.

End-to-End Encryption End-to-End Encryption
Secure data storage & backup Secure data storage & backup

Secure data
storage & backup

Your own personal physical and cloud storage, where you can backup your personal data. The information is stored on your device in an encrypted format.