Make transfers and purchases using cryptocurrency, subscribe to popular services: Amazon, Netflix, etc.

Сryptocurrency payments Сryptocurrency payments
Payment features Payment features

Payment features

Control your transfers. They are securely protected as you carry out the exchange directly in your wallet.

Money transfers

Make transfers within the system by ID instantly without commission


Pay for popular services using cryptocurrencies with a discount & without additional fees. Subscribe to applications directly in Grapherex

Payment tools

Convenient invoices and statements by mail and in pdf in a convenient format

Fast and easy transfers

You can make transfers to friends and partners right inside the Grapherex using a contact ID or QR code.

Fast and easy transfers Fast and easy transfers
Accept payment via a unique link with a QR code Accept payment via a unique link with a QR code

Accept payment via a unique link with a QR code

You can generate unique links or QR codes and accept payments from your contacts using them.

Subscriptions &

You can create a payment invoice and issue it inside the app by wallet or phone number, as well as by ID also you can manage your payment subscriptions.

Subscriptions & Invoices Subscriptions & Invoices


Cryptocurrency payments work in much the same way as cash. Once a client pays in crypto, a merchant gets the funds in crypto as well. To do this manually, you'll need the recipient's public address. Using your wallet, you copy the address and send funds.

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Advantages of using crypto payments include simplicity, low fees, security, privacy, and greater control. Cryptocurrencies allow consumers to transact without the need of a third party such as a bank or credit union.

Cryptocurrency can take some time before you can understand it. If you are not a native of the digital land, the concepts of cryptocurrency, not to mention blockchain, may seem completely unfamiliar to you.