Secure multi-

Use Grapherex Wallet to manage crypto assets and fiat currencies in one app. You can buy, sell, exchange, send or spend crypto securely with the Grapherex. Making crypto transactions has never been so easy. Just send cryptocurrency to your contact in a secret chat or by selecting their name in the contact book. Transfer crypto with just a phone number worldwide for free.

Secure multicurrency wallet Secure multicurrency wallet
Debit card Debit card

Debit card

Grapherex combines all the possibilities of crypto and traditional finance.
Issue a debit card and simply add it to Apple or Google Wallet and make any purchases. Grapherex is building a bridge between crypto and fiat. It's simple, fast, functional.

All features in
one wallet

Buy, send, spend, cash out - use all the necessary functions to work with your funds in one app.

All fetures in one wallet All fetures in one wallet
Exchange Ex change


Exchange cryptocurrencies and currencies between other coins at the current rate in a couple of seconds. Сhange dollar to bitcoin or euro and vice versa.


Stay up to date on market events, see news, price live data, ratings, value, capitalization and statistics of changes and current cryptocurrency forecasts.

Analytics Analytics
Control funds Control funds

Control funds

The Grapherex wallet meets all compliance requirements. When sending crypto to the Grapherex wallet, be sure that its owner has passed the KYC. Each transaction is verified by KYT, which ensures the security and legitimacy of all your crypto transactions.

Security first

Protect your funds with the latest security standards. Trust your assets are safe with the Grapherex Wallet.

Security first Security first
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All features
in one app
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